Friday, August 08, 2008

Breaking Dawn

It's Done!!! I fininshed Breaking Dawn last night. I stood in line at midnight to buy it, started it on the way home, and have been reading WHEN I CAN ever since. I must say it didn't disappoint me - even with the hoopla that I've been reading about it. I think she wrapped it up nicely and it settled lots of things for me. Thanks Meyers for a great series - you made me branch out - I've never read in the vampire genre before!!!


Stephanie said...

I'm 150 pages shy of the ending, but haven't had much time for reading recently!

Carol said...

You've really done it to me this time. I read the frist 3 books within a week's time. Now I'm waiting ever so impatiently for my turn for Breaking Dawn from the library. I'm #68, but our library system has 64 copies so my turn should come soon. I've read one other vampire book--Sunshine by Robin McKinley. Excellent, but definitely an adult book.

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