Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Copper Fire

I was asked to join a blog tour and I'm SO glad I did.  Suzanne Woods Fisher has written a fabulous book - Copper Fire.  It is a sequel to Copper Star, but I hadn't read that first one and it still stood alone.  What a great story - lots of suspense, intrigue, history, and more!  It is also set in one of my favorite time periods to read about - World War Two.  But it's not a typical World War Two story that you've heard before - it is a twist that brought to light a whole new facet of things that went on during that time - this is the story of a Resistance Worker - her previous escape, her new life, and how her past comes back to visit her in a very unexpected way.  I really enjoyed it and highly recommend it.  I will be purchasing the first in the series as well - great read!

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JM said...

I'm very glad you enjoyed the book. :) Thank you for hosting Suzanne on her virtual tour.

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