Thursday, January 24, 2008

Marley's Treasure

I was sent a book to review - I just have to share!! Marley's Treasure is a book aimed at children ages 4-7 and is WONDERFUL!! The author, Gable Yerrid, is a young man that has written a powerful book for children. Marley is a "happy little monkey living in a tropical paradise whose life is turned upside down when he discovers a wondrous treasure. When Marley gives into his first instinct and hides the treasure from everyone he knows, he discovers his happiness slipping away. Eventually, Marley's friends help him realize one of the keys to being happy is sharing with one's friends, and all ends well as he decides to share the treasure and his feelings with his friends."

Born out of a tragedy that Yerrid faced earlier in life, this story will make a profound impact on children- I just loved it. I must add that the illustrations are beautiful and endearing, they add so much to the book - Jennifer Fitzgerald is wonderful!

And go check out the interactive site!

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Anonymous said...

What a nice book! The theme sounds similar to that of one of my favorite kids' stories, about Rainbow Fish! (Except it always makes me sad to see Rainbow Fish at the end with just his one shiny scale left...)

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