Monday, September 03, 2007

Weird and Gross Challenge

Chronicle Books so kindly sent me a copy of their Weird and Cross Challenge in their SmartLab Series. AND we haven't stopped playing with it since it came!! My boys are addicted and now it is breakfast, lunch and even supper fun! (I'm thinking it's good for the car too!!) This is a fun book where it gives you a number, you look it up in the book and then try to answer the question using the electronic buttons. I just want to run out and buy some more - we are LOVING it!!! I mean, hey, where else can you learn things like "About how many little pellets does a rabbit poop every day?" OR "Which of the following will hypnotize a chicken?" Ok, we probably won't win Jeopardy with these, but I am convinced that I will win the next game of Weird and Gross Trivial Pursuit!!!

1 comment:

Eileen said...

Lindsey's new favorite saying is "That's gross!" so maybe she would like it. :-)

BTW, just how many little pellets DOES a rabbit poop every day anyway? :-)

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