Friday, September 07, 2007

Kevin and Robin Books

I feel like I have just hit the jackpot!! I found this book publishing company out of Canada and their books are WONDERFUL!! You need to go check them out - today I read Little Joy and Are You Thinking What I'm Thinking? I just can not tell you how much I enjoyed them. Some have a wonderful asian flair - and as a mom to an asian daughter - I always love that!! Little Joy is the story of an adopted daugther so that one brought me to tears! Another one I am anxious to read is a new title, To Share One Moon, and this one I plan to use in our annual Moon Festival. The stories are wonderful and the illustrations add even more to the books - you MUST go see them!!

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Carey said...

Hey Becky! Just checking out your book blog for the first time...wondering what you do for your moon festival? And is it at home or at the library?

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