Saturday, August 11, 2007

I Love You Always and Forever

I Love You Always and Forever by Jonathan Emmett and illustrated by Daniel Howarth

Sweet, sweet story of a daddy mouse and his baby. They have adventures all day long playing together - some things only Daddy can do because he's bigger and some things only the baby can do because he's smaller! But my favorite part is the ending- I LOVE books where parents tell their little ones they love them- they just can't hear it TOO much!!! So here's your chance - grab this one and then tell your little one you love them!


Becky said...

This one looks cute. I love stories like that :)

CookieBooky said...

Ooh I saw this book at the book fair last year. It looks so adorable!

Here's a link to a post on our blog with a comic - :)

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