Monday, August 20, 2007

Digby Takes Charge

I found a gem - Digby Takes Charge by Caroline Jayne Church is a funny picture book that will make even the parents laugh!! Poor Digby - his only job is to get the sheep into the pen - but making six sheep do what you want is sometimes harder than you think!!! He tries all different methods but finds that the "magic word" is the best!!! I just love this one - the pictures are wonderful and the story is even better!!

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Anonymous said...

I'm an instructor for a MCJROTC unit and this little book is a great tool! It helps explain to cadets that when you are in a leadership position it's not how loud and mean looking you are but how well do you know the people that you are leading. There are many approaches to take but, the best one to take is based on your knowledge and understanding of the people you are leading.

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