Friday, August 24, 2007

After the Leaves Fall

I heard not long ago that Nicole Baart, a friend of mine from a nearby town, had written a book that Tyndale was publishing. How fun is that?? A friend AND an author! I was excited to read it. So, when I got my ARC I dove right in. I bet I wasn't even 20 pages in and I could not put this one down. What a great read!! After the Leaves Fall has kept me going all the way to the end - I just felt so much for Julia, the main character. Her past is sad, she goes from one grief to another, and she can not seem to overcome. This was a book that kept me involved from the beginning - I had to know if she would end up with Thomas or Parker AND would she overcome her past and finally be strong in spite (or because) of all she had been through? I am telling you - it's a MUST READ - my only dilemma - do I put it in YA or adult?? I REALLY want our YA crowd to read this one but adults will love it too. Oh, that's not a dilemma, we'll just buy TWO copies!!

Now, for the bad news??? It doesn't come out until October - you'll have to wait on pins and needles to read it! But I won't let you forget because I am having Nicole here for part of a blog tour before her book is out for sale. Stay tuned!! (By the way - if you'd like to be part of Nicole's Blog Tour - leave me a message and we'll set that up!!!)


Heather (errantdreams) said...

So many YA novels make great adult reading too (I LOVE Garth Nix's YA novels, for example). Sounds like a fun book!

Amanda said...

I'm definitely interested in the blog tour! Just let me know a few more details! My email address is:


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