Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Glory Song

Matt Redman's latest album, Glory Song, is one of my new favorite albums.  Redman is a master of worship.  His songs are full of variety but focus on the Lord.  There were so may songs on this album that I enjoyed that I could go song-by-song.  But I will list a few that hit me as I've been listening.

"One Day (When we all get to Heaven) is an amazing song that brings to life a song I grew up on "When we all get to Heaven."  Love the new rendition!

The following song, "Redemption Ground" is another that spoke to me and continues to as well.  What a touching, deep song with words that resonate on so many levels.

This album is the first thing that turns on when I listen now - I listen daily and still have moments when I am spoken to deeply.  I highly recommend this thoughtful album - it will speak to your soul.

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