Monday, March 05, 2012

Piggy Bunny

I spend most of my days ranting and raving over Jeremy Tankard's Grumpy Bird - yep, you don't have to be around me very long for that topic to come up!!  I think Grumpy Bird is fabulous and I share it with everyone I meet!!  (Ok, ALMOST everyone!)  So when I see a new children's book on the market with Rachel Vail as the author and Jeremy Tankard as the illustrator - I am ALL OVER IT!  Piggy Bunny is a fabulous new offering by an amazing team!  The storyline is wonderful - what happens if you are a pig and you really want to be the Easter Bunny??  Well, this is Liam's story, and it won't take you long to be as attached to Liam as I am!  He is adorable - and immediately I wanted him to be the Easter Bunny - just because he wanted to!  And from there continues this sweet story - encouraging kids to be anything they want to be......and maybe to ask Grandpa and Grandma for a little help making it happen!!  Perfect to share with  a young one!!

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