Friday, March 23, 2012

Left Neglected

Lisa Genova is a writer that is well known - her book Still Alice, is still topping charts.  Her latest, Left Neglected, is just as intriguing.  I think what makes Genova so interesting to me is her background in neuroscience - you can tell she has this as she writes - she has insight into these conditions that many would not have.  Left Neglected is fabulous - it is the story of Sarah Nickerson - whose story is like many others - a career-driven, fast-paced life with three kids.  But it all changes one day during her commute to work - she looks down to make a phone call and doesn't realize that cars are stopping on the freeway ahead of her...
She is an a serious car accident - spends months in the hospital and therapy - and comes out with Left Neglect - a condition where her mind basically pays attention to nothing on the left side of her body - or on the left side of her  - period.  Fascinating and thought-provoking - this book will leave you grateful and inspired!

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Sarah Small said...

I loved Still Alice and have had this one on my TBR list for a while. Great review!

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