Saturday, June 25, 2011

Growing Up Amish

I enjoy books on the Amish - I see I am not alone, as even Wagler, in this book, mentions that people are intrigued by this group of people. But this book was FAR better than any Amish Fiction read! Ira Wagler LIVED Amish - he was born into this people, he struggled to be one of these people, and he tells his story in Growing Up Amish. It really is a story that caught me from the first page - how they live, what they believe, and how some people find it very hard to live in that culture. Wagler is honest and yet tender toward the people he shared much of his life with. I enjoyed every part of this book - his story is sad and still real. This memoir is one I will passing along to friends and encouraging them to read - it gives new insight into these people that intrigue the rest of us - and shows us the reality of "growing up Amish."

*I was sent this book by Tyndale and asked to give a review.

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Ελλάδα said...

I have been interested in following the Amish religion and culture for many years. I found the book very interesting, could not put it down, and it certainly was climatic. I would recommend it because it occurred in an area of Iowa that I was familiar with. It helped me understand what was different between each of the different settlements throughout the various locations in several states. Have experienced a similar situation in my family but it was a different religion.

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