Saturday, July 09, 2011

What's In the Bible??

Well - we are trying to figure that out!! We have been watching through Phil Vischer's newest DVD series, What's in the Bible? We took these on vacation with us and the best "plug" I could ever give for them is that EVERYONE in our van was laughing - From the 5 year old to the 40 year old - the humor was there for all of us. (That's teenage boys included!!) AND I would daresay we also all learned something as well! This is just a fabulous series that teaches on each book of the Bible - background, setting, characters - it really is well put together. (And the Seminary-studied Dad here agrees as well!!) Highly recommend this great series - and, having just finished #5, we are anxiously awaiting #6 over here!!

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Mina @ Brochure Templates said...

I've been hearing about this series for some time now. And if ever we're going to embark on a long road trip, I guess we need to check this series out. Thanks for sharing. :)

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