Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Pete the Cat - I Love my White Shoes

Sometimes you read a book and you just can't get enough of it - that is where I am right now. Pete the Cat: I Love my White Shoes by Eric Litwin and illustrations by James Dean is AMAZING!!! I have read it now in two different story hours - the older kids and the toddlers - and BOTH times the kids have been mesmerized - I mean LOVE IT! BUT - disclaimer here - it DOES help if you give it all you've got and SING the refrain with a bit of "cool cat" style - I had them all singing along and, as we were coloring shoe pictures at the end of the story hour, we just HAD to sing "I love my _____ shoes, I love my ____ shoes, I love my _____ shoes!" (insert color of shoes) SO there you have it - I loved it SO much I had to share it so that you can enjoy it too..."because it's all good"! (Great for a colors theme, cats theme, walking theme - you name it!) Oh, and for more fun - visit Pete the Cat's website!

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