Saturday, March 20, 2010

Year of the Tiger

Year of the Tiger by Alison Lloyd is another book I dropped in my husband's lap. I wasn't sure it was one I would devour so I asked him to try it. He didn't think he'd enjoy it but once he started reading he said it really was a great read. He felt that boys, especially, would enjoy this read - which made me smile as I'm always looking to promote good boy-reads!! Here are his words:

The year of the Tiger is a fun and engaging read. Two boys at opposite ends of the social order who are thrust together for a common goal - winning an archery tournament. The setting is ancient China in a city positioned alongside The Great Wall.

One boy, Hu, is the son of peasant; the other boy, Ren, is the son of a military general. Each has a different motivation for winning the tournament. The story is engaging and captures your attention as you follow the lives of these two boys.

The author does a great job of introducing you to the culture of China. A strong, rich culture which has not changed much from the past.

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