Wednesday, March 03, 2010


Always on the lookout for another Twilight-read alike so Fallen by Lauren Kate caught my eye.  This is an interesting read and VERY different from Twilight.  It took me MOST of the book before I began to figure out the identity of the main character's boyfriend.  It is an intriguing story, and it was a page turner for me.  It is the story of Luce - she is a teen girl that is being sent to Sword and Cross, a school for students that have gotten into a large amount of trouble.  She isn't even sure what she did - but she is being punished by being sent away.  Her first day at Sword and Cross, she meets Daniel - a boys she is SURE she knows from somewhere.  The story unfolds as Luce has this odd friendship/relationship with Daniel - one day he sits and talks with her, the next he is distant and even mean to her.  There are a lot of unexpected turns and the ending is surprising.  It truly leaves you anticipating the next book - which is scheduled to be released in September.  I will say that there is a lot of swearing in this book - very unlike the Twilight Series, so I will be a bit more cautious in who I recommend it to - but it is a good read and one that will keep readers excited for it's sequel.  If you are curious - check out the trailer HERE.

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