Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Still Looking...

Yep - STILL enjoying my Lerner box!!
A new series - Manga Math Mysteries - is intriguing me. I am not a Manga fan myself, but we have many readers that enjoy this genre so I like the tie-in. Manga and Math - clever!
The Hundred -Dollar Robber by Melinda Thielbar is a Manga mystery about money and The Lost Key by Thielbar focuses on Whole Numbers - I think these will be great. I need to let my math teachers know they are here!!

I was sent a few books that are part of a series -
Let's Look at Prairie Dogs by Christine Zuchora-Walske - fabulous photography, fun style, and easy to read - I like the style of these Lightning Bolt Books.
The Hoover Dam by Jeffrey Zuehlke and The Gateway Arch by Lisa Bullard - both excellent looks at famous places in America. Again - I just think kids will find these fascinating - the layout and style are very catchy to read.
My personal favorite - It's Snowy Today (I only wish!!!) by Kristin Sterling. This is a fun look at the seasons for younger children.
Do you Know About Amphibians by Buffy Silverman is another book incredibly engaging photography - these real photos of amphibians are SURE to please! This is one that I will be passing along to all of my boy animal readers!!
What is Sight? by Jennifer Boothroyd is an excellent beginning look at our senses. Again, another very interesting book - it makes you WANT to read it - the way it is laid out and presented.
German Shepherds are the Best! by Elaine Landau is a new dog breed series they are publishing - I like it - gives some great background on specific dog breeds.
A Coral Reef Food Chain by Rebecca Hogue Wojahn and Donald Wojahn. This is on a little older level - but still engaging and fun - I think kids will find this fascinating.

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