Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Lerner Box

When a Lerner Box arrives on my desk - I stop what I am doing and peruse for quite some time!
Once again, I am very impressed with the new titles I was given.

The Steel Pan Man of Harlem by Colin Bootman caught my attention right away - what a wonderful retelling of The Pied Piper of Hamelin - set in the Harlem Renaissance. I love it - the illustrations are marvelous and add authenticity to the story.

We received three drawing books in the Ready, Set, Draw! Series that are SURE to be hits!Cool Girl Stuff You Can Draw by Nicole Brecke
Horses You Can Draw by Nicole Brecke
Cool Boy Stuff You Can Draw by Nicole Brecke
Not only have they found great topics for this series -they have easy-to-follow instructions and are engaging to read. I KNOW these won't stay on our shelves!

Brian Cleary is an author that you can just NEVER go wrong with. The new titles in this box are no exception!!
Super-Hungry Mice Eat Onions is another in Cleary's Adventures in Memory Series - which I think is TERRIFIC!!! These books give clever tricks to help you remember different facts - this book focuses on Geography Facts - it is one that kids enjoy for the hilarity but I'm thinking I'll take it home - I have yet to memorize all the Great Lakes!!
Skin Like Milk, Hair of Silk is another in Cleary's Words are Categorical Series. This one focuses on Similes and Metaphors - I applaud Cleary - there is no FUN way to learn these grammar/word lessons but he has brought the "fun" into it!!
Windows, Rings and Grapes - a Look at Different Shapes is a further book in Cleary's Math is Categorical Series. The man is a genius - teachers will LOVE these books, I use them often in homeschooling, but the kids just pull them out to look at them too! TO me, that's huge!!

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