Monday, July 06, 2009

Horrid Henry

Horrid Henry is just that - HORRID!!! But with Francesca Simon as author and Tony Ross as illustrator - the kids are SURE to love him!! "Henry was horrid. Everyone said so, even his mother." So begins the story of Henry and his laugh-out-loud adventures. I sat here at my desk laughing, chuckling, and yes, even snorting at Henry's hilarious adventures - and if these books had me doing that, and I'm the YOUTH SERVICES LIBRARIAN (said sternly and with NO smile on my face!!) then imagine what boys and girls alike will be doing as they devour these short, easy-to-reading beginning chapter books. Simon is a genius - these will hook kids on books - and another great series to give to those reluctant-boy readers! Don't miss the whole series AND the upcoming video game!!

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Grace said...

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