Thursday, March 27, 2008

Live Blogging

Well - my goal was to "live blog" everyday of PLA, but so far we have been keeping SO busy that that hasn't happened!!! So I'm trying to carve out some time here to post some thoughts - my day started off with a bang - I attended a workshop led by a fellow kidlit blogger - Adrienne - that was SO fun to meet a fellow blogger in real life!! AND she did a wonderful job with the workshop - how to work with homeschoolers in your library - near and dear to my heart. THEN - to add to my day - I got to hear a reader's theater with none other than: Avi, Brian Selznick, Sarah Weeks, and Pam Munoz Ryan. I am telling you - is there anything better!?!?! Lest you think it is all fun and no work - I am also learning SO much - watch out my little town - I am coming back with library ideas GALORE!!!

Sue and I posing with Baker and Taylor - I am telling you - we are meeting ALL the celebrities!!


adrienne said...

I've been able to write some posts while I've been here in Minneapolis, but people who manage to blog everything they're going to while at conference amaze me. The conference itself takes so much energy, and there's always so much going on.

I also went to the reader's theater. It was delightful. Someone has to record Brian Selznick doing the voice he created for the baby fox.

Amy A. said...

Now that you have had time to decompress, I am excited for you to dredge it all up and tell me about it! I'm excited to hear everthing.

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