Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Drums, Girls and Dangerous Pie

Jordan Sonnenblick's Drums, Girls, and Dangerous Pie is Right up there at the top!!! I love to find a strong "guy book" and this is certainly one of them. Don't get me wrong - girls will love it too - but the main character is 13 year old, Steven. He goes through all the normal 8th grade stuff - girls, band - drums, and friends - but throw in there a 5 year old brother diagnosed with leukemia. The emotions are varied and oh-so-real - I just loved this one and am already scoping out another Sonnenblick novel to read. You can be sure I am selling this one to all my guy readers!!


Amy A. said...

That's a good one to get the guys out of their 'sci-fi-all-the-time" modes.

Love the new banner!

Jim said...

I disagree with you on your review of Water for Elephants. I just came upon this old review while I was Googling the title for another reason.

My opinion:
You should have finished reading the book.
You didn't like it, but those overly descriptive parts were fine for me. I was listening to the 'book on tape (CD)" in the car while driving. You might try that taped book to get by the tedious (?) part of your reading effort.

I liked that book very much. It appealed to me because circus life intrigues me and because I too am elderly retired, and soon will be where the main character is in life. And for other reasons, including the writing style.
The review link at Amazon.com:


Read the first review by Valerie Ryan, I agree with her.

Anonymous said...

We just finished this a a read-aloud in my 6th grade class and both classes LOVED it! It's a great book!

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