Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Mistress's Daughter

I started reading A. M. Homes' The Mistress's Daughter because I had heard it was about adoption - that gets me hooked every time!! And it is - the author is born to a mistress and is given up for adoption - it is not until much later in the author's life that her biological mother contacts her and thus begins the search for more information regarding her father, mother, and extended family. I thought that the insight that Homes gives to those that are adopted was wonderful - I enjoyed reading how it felt for her, being adopted. My favorite quote:

To be adopted is to be adapted, to be amputated and sewn back together again. Whether or not you regain full function, there will always be scar tissue.

However, that was about all that interested me in this book. The main portion of the book was spent on Homes finding information on her past, and frankly, less of that would have been enough for me. People very interested in genealogy may find this much more interesting, but it just didn't keep me going. I did finish the book, but it sure seemed to drag for me.

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