Monday, June 25, 2007

The Baptism

Where have I been?? I have not heard of Shelia Moses before but this book was wonderful!! The Baptism is about a twelve year old boy living in the back hills of North Carolina. Now that he is twelve, both he and his twin, need to be baptized. SO - they are going to sin all they can the week leading up to the baptism to get it all out of their systems!!! I love the whole idea, as I'm sure that's how many 12 year olds view this "rite of passage". But I also liked the way Moses gives you a very good feel for how the blacks lived in that time period - having just come out of slavery. It is a fast read, as it only covers the week before they are baptized, but what a week it is!!! I WILL be reading more Shelia Moses!!

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