Saturday, February 10, 2007

Online Novel - The Gecko and Sticky

I just found this online and I love it - I think I'm going to have my boys read along, in fact. The Gecko and Sticky in.....the Villian's Lair is an online novel where the author, Wendelin Van Draanen, publishes one chapter each week - complete with discussion questions and classroom activities. VanDraanen is the author of a wonderful series for 3rd-6th Grades/Jr. High called Shredderman. This series is always checked out at our library so although I haven't read it - I am assuming it is well-liked! Looks fun to me and very boy-friendly - and sometimes "boy" novels are hard to come by!


Eileen said...

Hi Becky, I wrote what I thought of Crow Lake here You commented on it so you must have forgotten. :-)

That's great that your husband reads so much!

Vivian said...

This is interesting. I'll have to check this one out. Thanks for sharing.

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