Sunday, February 04, 2007

The Inheritance of Loss

About all I can on this one is, "I finished it." I was reading it for an online book club I like to take part in, but wow - it was one of those books that I had to literally push through to finish. The Inheritance of Loss by Kiran Desai is set mostly in India and deals with a conflict there between India and Nepal - but that is almost all I can tell you about the conflict and I read the whole book - I never quite understood what was going on. The characters could have been so much more appealing with stronger characterization - I never felt connected to any of them - the only reason I kept reading was to see how it all ended up. Guess I could have skipped to the ending for that! Beautiful writing - but really lacking in appeal to me - shoot, I was hoping for a good one.


Eileen said...

You asked for a review of Blue Like Jazz - I just finished it last night and plan to write something up about it. But I could basically say the same thing about the book as you did about this one - "I never quite understood what was going on." Or, I never did quite get what the overall point of the book was.

Have a great day! Did you get your LID yet? I was updating the links on my other blog and wondered about that. I could probably go to your Chloe blog and look eh? Big news like that would surely warrant a post! :-)

libgran said...

I like having a warning about books that I can stay away from. There are too many out there to read and if you already know one is no good, then I don't have to waste my time. Thanks for the advance warning!

3M said...

Sigh. . . I'll probably still read this, but it's always nice to have a heads up that it might not be fun. Thanks for the review!

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