Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Birth House

Just finished The Birth House by Ami McKay - it was one of those I could not put down. I love the concept - a midwife going around to all the local women and helping them give birth - she knew the tricks and the secrets and she was successful. However, advancements happen and an "experienced" doctor moves into town and threatens to end the midwife's trade. The story is enthralling - all of the details are wonderful and add to the authenticity of the novel. The main character, Dora Rare, learns her trade of midwifery from Miss Babineau and she strives to keep that trade alive even though the new doctor wants it ended. We follow Dora's very tough life - from a loser-of-a-husband to a scandal that forces her to leave her hometown - she leads a hard life, but comes out stronger. I'd love to see it end differently - maybe more resolved, but it is still a pleasing-ending and a book I thoroughly enjoyed!!


Joy said...

Oh! I have this on my MUST READ in 2007 list. So glad to read another positive review. Thank you.

Stephanie said...

I just love the book cover. I think I will wait until it is out in paperback and then add it to my bookmooch list. Thanks for the recomendation.

Lynne said...

This is one I really want to read. If I had gone into nursing when I was younger, I would have become a midwife.

Eileen said...

I've heard of this, haven't read it nor put it on my TBR list...yet. Think I'll go add it!

MizB said...

THE BIRTH HOUSE is on my To-Be-Read list for this year -- actually, it's my f2f book club's pick for this month, so I'm hoping to get to it soon! LOL

Just wanted to mention that, and say "hi" from a fellow book reviewer (my Christian book review blog). ;o)

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