Monday, October 05, 2015

Messy Grace

Caleb Kaltenbach is a boy who grew up with a lesbian mom and a gay father and becomes a pastor.  He KNOWS the gay and lesbian community and he knows what he is talking about in his book, Messy Grace.  I found this book to be very eye-opening.  It was a constant challenge to me- to put aside pre-conceived ideas and just learn.  Caleb shares in a direct and honest way - not condescending or preachy, and yet so faithful to what he thinks need to be shared with Christians today in how to deal with the gay and lesbian communities.  I appreciated so many things about this book - my copy is marked up and I plan to refer back to it often.  What I saw over and over is how easy it is for Believer's to turn off the LBGT community and never have an opportunity to share with them.  If we want to be salt and light - we need to be willing to love everyone without compromising truth and Caleb shows us ways we can do just that.  He doesn't promise it will be easy - in fact, he reminds the reader over and over that it will be messy - but it can be done.  I appreciated the honesty and tactfulness with which this topic was handled....I would recommend it even if there may be parts one could disagree with personally, overall it was a wonderful challenge, and one I feel is very needed today.

*I was sent a review copy by the publisher for an honest review on my blog.

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