Friday, October 02, 2015

Chronicle Finds....

Chronicle Books sent me a box today! I will share these fun titles.

Peek-a Boo! by Nina Laden is an adorable board book in their series Peek-a.... The simple cut-out pages for little ones as you guess which animal could be hiding behind that small hole.  This title is all focused on Fall and will be a fun addition to our fall board books.

I Can Play and I Can Dance are both by Betsy Snyder and are board books that I can just see our little ones enjoying!  Each title has two small holes for fingers to come through and be the legs on the characters.  They are adorable!

Big Bear Little Chair by Lizi Boyd is such a fun picture book.  It is a "study" of size and shape and being able to figure out which items will go together.  The opposites are shown in such a fun way and the illustrations are AMAZING!  This will be a fun book to share with our little ones!

Ninja Baby by David Zeltser is one that just made me smile.  It's about Nina - the baby that was just born a ninja.  I mean really - if a baby can karate chop the doctor, plan sneak attacks on her parents, and obliterate applesauce - what other kind of baby could she be!?!?  You will LOVE this one and your kids will too!  AND if I knew anyone having a baby - THIS would be their shower gift!  Everyone should have a ninja baby!!

**I was sent review copies by the publisher for an honest review on my blog.

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