Monday, April 09, 2012

Lone Wolf

Yes, I do think Jodi Picoult is a wonderful writer and yes, I do wait expectantly for her upcoming novels - so might this be a bit biased??  Maybe!  Once again, her latest novel, Lone Wolf, was a story that was told marvelously and was a topic that created conflicting emotions.  It is a tough story of a brother and sister torn apart as to what to do with their dying father - should they discontinue life support or continue to let him stay on support and see if his body takes over.  I love how Picoult tells her stories from all different narrators - it gives such a unique aspect to her novels.  And you come to feel for each character as you hear their stories from their viewpoint.  I thought the novel was also interesting as it centers around their father's lifelong love of wolves.  He actually has lived with wolves and so much of the story tells how wolves behave and live - intriguing, I thought, and such an interesting fit with the novel's ups and downs as well.

What I didn't like about the book?  Usually with a Picoult book, I'd say NOTHING!  But with this one I was really disappointed in the ending - I felt it was anti-climactic.  Usually when she ends - I am blown away and thinking, "I never saw this coming!"  But I did not feel that way in this novel - it seemed predictable to me and in that - I was maybe just disappointed.  I thought the ending was ok - it resolved itself and was a fine ending - but not the Picoult kick I am used to!

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