Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Moon Over Manifest

Last year's Newbery Award totally escaped me - I hadn't heard of it or read it for that matter.  So - I just recently got a copy and read it and LOVED it.  Talk about fun - Moon Over Manifest by Clare Vanderpool is truly a feast for book lovers - it has a little of everything - mystery, family, quirky characters, prejudice, friendship, humor - and all superbly well-written.  I felt like I lived in Manifest and really KNEW these characters.  The main character, Abilene Tucker is a guaranteed pleaser - she is sweet, innocent, and totally likable.  The friends she meets in the town of Manifest are brilliant and all add to her growth in life - some good, some bad!  You can't miss Abilene's journey down the "Path to Perdition" and Miss Sadie as she pays off her debt - that is how she learns much about her past and begins to also start her new future.

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