Sunday, September 04, 2011

My First Hands-On Bible

I am not sure if one can have too many Bibles - or at least my girls don't think so! And here is a new children's Bible to make sure is on your radar! Group's My First Hands-On Bible is truly a great little tool! You are guided through the Bible by two little comrades - Pockets and Cuddles and they help lead your child to deeper understanding of the Bible stories - my girls look for them on every page! There are hand prints throughout the Bible to give you opportunities to interact with your child and the story. And each story ends with multiple ways to grow deeper and continue learning together. I would say that preschoolers will certainly not read this on their own, but the stories are very readable and a great length if they are read out loud to them. It is geared to ages 4-8. This is truly a great idea in a Children's Bible - the possibilities of learning and reading together are endless!!

*I was sent a copy for review purposes by Tyndale Publishers.

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