Saturday, September 03, 2011

The Goodness of God

I do not think I can recall one Randy Alcorn book that has disappointed me so when I saw The Goodness of God on Blogging for Books, I quickly signed up to review it. I was, once again, inspired by his words. The Goodness of God speaks to purpose during suffering - it doesn't matter what kind of suffering - suffering brought on by people, disease, or just evil itself - there is a purpose behind it and Alcorn explores that purpose for each of us in his small, but powerful read. Alcorn shows us that if we let our suffering work in us - we can come out on the other side stronger and even more useful in the cause of Christ. He shows us through Jesus' own example how suffering can build character and lead us into wholeness and joy. I WILL be sharing this title with others - don't save it for just when you are suffering - savor it now and then refer to it again later when you most need it!
(Probably my favorite thing about this book is that it is a wonderful condensed version - short, easy to read, and easy to gift. It is taken from Alcorn's If God is Good....)

*I was sent a copy for review purposes by the publisher.

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