Sunday, November 07, 2010

Scholastic Goodies

I was thrilled with the new books for this Fall in my Scholastic Box!!

Will you Wear a Blue Hat? is a Rookie Toddler book. This is a wonderful series of books aimed at Toddlers and the things they are experiencing. This particular title could be used for winter clothes or colors - what a great board book!

Dot and Dash is a new series by Emma Dodd! I can't say enough good about this new series. What fun!! Dress Up and Go To Bed are both fun books with stickers inside. The outlines of the stickers are left blank on the pages for the kids to add them. I LOVE the illustrations on these - they are whimsical and fun! The stories are ones our little ones will relate to as well - WONDERFUL!! Dot and Dash Eat Their Dinner is a fun board book - I love how they name the animals "Tall" and "Small" - the kids will love that! Dot and Dash Meet Their Friends is a board book with flaps - something all little hands enjoy! What a wonderful variety of books and characters Dodd has created in this delightful new series!

**All of these books were provided as review copies by Scholastic Books.

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