Friday, October 29, 2010

Chronicle Goodies

I have to share some of my latest and greatest!
I have gotten a few Chronicle books that I just have to share!

By FAR my favorite: Just One Bite by Lola Schaefer - what a wonderful book! Giant illustrations that come to life so that you, the reader, can see what it is that 11 animals are eating - in LIFE SIZE! What a fun concept - reminiscent of something by Steve Jenkins - this is truly a new children's book not to miss!

Chicken Big by Keith Graves is one for many good laughs!! When the other chickens see this giant egg with a giant chick inside - they hardly know what to make of it. And that is the crux of the story - the chickens are baffled and have to figure out who or WHAT this giant thing really is. It isn't until Chicken Big does something extraordinary that he is one of them!! LOVE this one - the humor is wonderful!!

Oh, oh this one is pretty much another of my favorites as well!! (I know, how many favorites can one have?!?!) A Long Piece of String by William Wondriska is so clever. The story is told all in red and black - red pictures/items in the story and black string tying them all together. But there are no words - just pictures - but here is what I love - it is an alphabet book - yep, the kids will get it - even without any words. It is wonderful!!! And it ends with the only words found in the book, "What do you have on your string?" This was originally published in 1963 and I am SO glad someone found it and brought it back for us!

Day and Night by Teddy Newton is a Disney Pixar book - I like this one because it focuses on how our differences are good and just might bring us together! Yep, Day and Night meet - they find out what one another like and dislike - what fun things they each have to share - and in the end, even what they can do together! Fun read aloud.

Lastly, Shadow by Suzy Lee - and this one may be one of the last we'll talk about but certainly NOT least! Lee is imaginative and inspirational in her work. This books begins with a girl, and a light bulb, in an attic - and ends with a girl, and a light bulb, in an attic - but what comes in between all of that is PURE JOY!!! What fun one can have with shadows and a little creativity! I was enthralled to watch what she comes up with - and kids will be too - SUPER read aloud, and yet even more fun with a child cuddled up beside you! There is SO much to enjoy in this one!

*All books were provided by Chronicle Publishers for the purposes of review.

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