Thursday, August 05, 2010


I read Shiver awhile back so when I saw that Linger was out I knew I'd need to satiate my curiosity and read it as well. Maggie Steifvater has written a series on the Wolves of Mercy Falls - a werewolf pack that lives and makes its den near Mercy Falls - Sam, one of the werewolves, meets up with Grace while in his human form and falls in love with her. Grace, a teenage girl, is drawn to the wolf pack and Sam as well. At the end of Shiver, Sam finds a cure and is able to stay human and continue his relationship with Grace. Now, in Linger, we see Grace and Sam able to stay together and live a normal life, until Grace becomes quite ill....

I won't give anything away, but I was surprised - wasn't what I thought was going to happen! And now, yes, I am awaiting another book in the series to help clear things up a bit!! Stiefvater has created interesting characters that you come to enjoy. I will say that I would give these to mature YA readers only - although there is no sex per-se, the scenes are intense and emotions are high. Language is also an issue in her books - so I am careful who I recommend them to. All-in-all, good stories, kept me interested and waiting for #3!!

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