Monday, August 09, 2010

Download N Go

I am always on the lookout for homeschooling materials that are new and different. (Oh yes, and FUN too - my kids always appreciate that!!) When I was asked to join the virtual tour for Download N Go - I had no idea what I was even reviewing at first. When I opened my PDF, I was in for a delightful surprise. I just LOVE this whole idea. Amanda Bennett, has created all different units for parents to use with their kids that are based on many different topics. They are geared to K-4th Grade students and include a wide range of ideas. I was sent "Summer Sensations" - which is a week-long unit study packed with fun things to do that all center around summer. I was impressed - the study includes nature activities, writing, and more - it really is a full-curriculum approach. I think my daughter would LOVE this, but my boys would have enjoyed it in their younger years as well. It is well-rounded and a fun approach to unit studies. I would gladly pay for the work Amanda Bennett put into her studies - and I like how you can choose to buy them separately or in bundles - great idea!! See purchasing options HERE. (There are even some freebies when you purchase!!) I will also mention that they are having a Back-to-Homeschool Sale July 30 - August 15. So don't miss some of the great deals available during that time.

I don't want to limit this to homeschoolers either - I do think teachers would LOVE the ideas and find them very adaptable to classrooms as well.

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