Sunday, June 13, 2010

Prayers for Sale

Sandra Dallas' Prayers for Sale is such a touching story - I will be recommending this one in our library!! Hennie is a dear elderly lady that lives in Middle Swan, Colorado - a mining town that is way up in the high country. Her story is bittersweet - she has survived two husbands and now enjoys a life helping others. She has just been told by her daughter, however, that this will be her last year in Middle Swan because she wants her to move in with her and not spend another winter on her own. Hennie makes the most of that last year - she befriends Nit - a 17 year old girl that is new to Middle Swan and has so much to learn. Hennie shows her the ropes and cares for her like a mother. When Hennie finds out that Nit is expecting, that is her last wish, to be able to see the little one born before she leaves to live with her daughter. I really loved this story - touching to the very last page.

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SmallWorld at Home said...

I really loved this one too!

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