Thursday, June 10, 2010


Amy Greene's novel, Bloodroot, took me a bit to get into - I read for a few chapters before I really was "hooked". In fact, for me, a few times I caught myself thinking - should I finish or not??? BUT, I am glad I did. And yes, it did pick up. It is a tough read - that almost works its way backwards through generations. It is hard to watch woman after woman and man after man make really bad choices all down through generations of a family. You can see how their choices affect those that come after them and how this cycle will have a difficult time ever ending. But it is also a powerful read - you become attached to the characters, and I found myself silently cheering, "No, don't do that" or "Yes, do that". It is hard to watch all of these women, in particular, struggle but it is a read that opens our eyes to how people really do live and the cycle they get themselves into.

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