Saturday, June 06, 2009

Sign Babies

I was so pleased when Sign Babies sent me some of their newest additions. I already am SOLD on signing to babies - we used it with our boys and Chloe and found it valuable everytime. BUT I insist on ASL signs and that is what Baby Signs specializes in!

More Please! First Words Board Book by Nancy Cadjan is a very fun tool. It has adorable illustrations and then gives you signs to string together on a two-page-spread so that you can sign a phrase or sentence with your little one. AND if that's not enough, they also have suggestions on each page for other signs you could do that would go along with the ones on the pages. VERY nice - this will be popular at our library.

The other book they sent me to look at was Baby Signing 1 2 3 by Nancy Cadjan. This is an excellent resource for parents. It is user-friendly and illustrated. It is truly a comprehensive guide - what are the most important signs to teach your baby? What can you expect at each stage of your child's development? It even includes a sign language dictionary. Parents will find this invaluable - what a great tool! Wish I'd had this 14 years ago!

To learn more about Nancy Cadjan and the system she used to work with her children on sign language go to Sign Babies.


Linda! said...

You are right about Baby Signs - the new edition of the classic Baby Signs book includes a glossary of 150 ASL signs. The book includes a coupon code for a free Video Dictionary of the ASL signs.

Linda Easton
Baby Signs, Inc.

adrienne said...

Looks like some good choices for the library. Thanks for bringing them to my attention!

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