Monday, June 29, 2009

The Great Call of China

Cynthea Liu has written The Great Call of China. This is in her S.A.S.S. Series (Students Across the Seven Seas). They do not necessarily tie together but they are all about teen girls traveling the world with the S.A.S.S. program. I enjoyed this title - it is about an adopted teen, Cece, that has an opportunity to go back to her homeland, China, for an anthropology program during her summer break. I guess this really hit home to me having a daughter from China - it made me put myself in her shoes, as an adoptive child, and feelings she may have as a teen. It is definitely geared to teens - as adult, it wasn't "deep" enough for my tastes - but I think teens will enjoy it - and I am thrilled to find a book that is even pointed toward adopted girls - a rare find indeed!

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