Thursday, December 11, 2008

Under the Night Sky

I must say first of all - if you haven't read Under the Night Sky by Amy Lundebrek - you MUST!!  Go grab a copy and ENJOY!  This is such a sweet, tender story - I just loved it!!  I have never seen the northern lights but this book just makes me want to find them this winter!  And what I loved even more is the tenderness between this hard-working mother and her son - parenting is not easy - but it can have its sweet moments - this is one of them!!  Anna Rich's illustrations are also magnificent - her style is beautiful - it lends a beauty to this book that is amazing!  REALLY, this is a must find -you will be glad you read it.

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tie-dyed doula said...

Hey there! What do you think the age limit or suggested age would be for this book?
Also, do you get paid to review books??? This is such an awesome site! Thank you. Hit me back if you get a chance

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