Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Doghouse

Have I ever told you how much I LOVE Jan Thomas!!??!  Well - I know I have but I must say it again.  Chloe and I just hooted and howled last night over her latest, The Doghouse.  How can you not LOVE these adorable characters - pig, cow, duck, and mouse!?!?  They are splendid - the books are at the top of my list!  What Chloe loves is that each book kind of builds on a previous one - you will see snippets of What Will Fat Cat Sit On? and A Birthday for Cow tucked in this book.  I use these for story hour and they are instant hits!!  I am telling you - you can check them out, but you will WANT to own them!!!


Anonymous said...

Am I too much of a geek to tell you everytime I am thrilled to read one of your reviews? "The Doghouse" will be ther very next book we order from the library. As you know how much we love A Birthday for Cow. thanks.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the humor of your site, and like to have someone like you reccomend books for young children. I will order The Doghouse for my 5 year old granddaughter, as it sounds the type of story she loves.
I too have published a book of ten short stories, which targets the under 8's. Each story also 'builds' on the previous one, and makes good bedtime reading. It may be of interest to you.
Irene J Harvey

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