Saturday, February 09, 2008

I'm an Omnivore!

Yes - 8% of the American Public fall into the Omnivore category -
Members of this group use their extensive suite of technology tools to do an enormous range of things online, on the go, and with their cell phones. Omnivores are highly engaged with video online and digital content. Between blogging, maintaining their Web pages, remixing digital content, or posting their creations to their websites, they are creative participants in cyberspace.

I don't fit much of this description though:
Who They Are: They are young, ethnically diverse, and mostly male (70%). The median age is 28; just more than half of them are under age 30, versus one in five in the general population. Over half are white (64%) and 11% are black (compared to 12% in the general population). English-speaking Hispanics make up 18% of this group. Perhaps unsurprisingly, many (42% versus the 13% average) of Omnivores are students.

Want to know what you are?? Go HERE. Oh, and leave a comment - I hope I'm not the only Omnivore out there!!!!


Megan Germano said...

Omnivore as well... Although I don't fit the description too well.

Becky said...

Lackluster Veterans. Huh??? Anyway, I so don't fit that profile.

amy a. said...

I'm a connector. Just a step down from you.

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