Monday, December 17, 2007

The Magic Violin

Recently, somewhere in cyberspace, I met up with Mayra Calvani - she is not only a fun person to email, but she is an author!! When she mentioned her new children's book, I couldn't pass up a chance to read her PDF copy. It was WONDERFUL!!! So, I am thrilled today to feature Mayra and her new book! The Magic Violin is the story of 8 year old, Melina, who wants to be a violinist. In her struggle to play, she begins to lose her confidence and that is when her Rumanian teacher mysteriously steps in to help. I just love the whole premise of the book - I can truly relate as I encourage my kids daily to "keep practicing" ~ for that is the only way to become talented! The illustrations are also wonderful in this story. It is just an all-around wonderfully-told story. You do not want to miss it - I plan to purchase it as my children's Christmas book for this year - it will be such a great story to re-read year after year! (And it doesn't just have to be at Christmas either!!)

While you are out - make sure and stop by Mayra's blog and check out her contest!!

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