Monday, April 30, 2007

Forever Lily

I was hoping I had found another great adoption book to read but this, Forever Lily, by Beth Nonte Russell, DID NOT fit the bill - did it have some good parts?? YES - it rang true to me in so many ways, but she keeps interspersing her dreams throughout the story - dreams that are supposed to be symbolic - and then her strong Buddhist undertones - that was very distracting to me as a reader. It seemed every time the author ran into a problem in China she needed to call her Buddhist "guide" - that just didn't sit well with me - and then sometimes the author prayed for help - I could never figure out who she was praying to - and then wondered, sadly, if she even knew!! The story does have a very odd twist as the author is traveling with a friend to China to pick up her friend's daughter, but right away her friend does not feel a bond to this little one so she asks her traveling companion, the author, to take this little one for her. YES, I could understand her feelings of extreme love for this little girl she had never even met before, her feelings of being so "in another world" in China, seeing the extreme delays in her little one and then watching the changes happen so quickly, and wanting to turn around and do it all over again. BUT, I was just so distracted by her always needing a "Buddhist" answer for all of life's problems. For an even better adoption-themed book read this or this.


Stephanie said...

I see that you did read the book (even after I gave a not very good review on my blog)! Anyway, I felt exactly the same way you did and agree that Lost Daughters is a much more informative read.

vicki said...

I just finished this book, and I was somewhat disappointed. I enjoyed reading the parts of the book that dealt with the people of China, but I did not care for the two main characters. We are 1 1/2 years into the adoption process and I found it difficult to read about this "mom" not wanting her daughter on the first day of meeting her. The author made it sound like she was "entitled" to the baby and couldn't understand when her husband said they could not adopt due to laws. The adoption of a child is not like the adoption of a pet. There are procedures to follow for good reason. There are other adoption books out there that are better. I'm starting China Ghosts(with a dad's perspective) tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

James says: does Beckyb have a problem with Buddist? Wow...I'm a christian however my "sister" your comments seems critical with intent
toward someone other than your own religous persuasion!

Beckyb said...

Interesting James - others seem to agree with what I first said too - so I'm not alone!!! And it's fine if that's the perspective you want to read - I was sharing what perspective it was coming from so that others would know! Just didn't resonate with me - I felt that was too distracting - but that's fine - we are all entitled to our opinions!!

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