Saturday, October 07, 2006

Marley and Me

What a wonderful book!! I just finished it and still have tears in my eyes. (And that doesn't happen too often!) I love animals but we have tried dogs, cats, etc. and all seem to be too much work for us with four kids as well - SO - when I started the book I was sure it wouldn't touch me like it has touched others. I was so wrong!! Even not having a dog that I've lived with for years that I could use to relate to - Marley and Me captured my heart! AND, if you've had a dog buddy - then I know it will find a spot in your heart too. Great read - non-fiction but don't hold that against it!! The author, John Grogan, has some spots where he is "earthy" and tells it like it is - trying to get pregnant, some swearing, etc. But all-in-all a good read.

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