Wednesday, October 04, 2006

It Had to Happen

Well - if you've read my family blog - you knew it had to happen at some point - I am addicted to books (there are worse things to be addicted to!!) and I am asked often what is good to read. SO - I thought I'd start one place to post what I am reading/have read/etc. I am a children's librarian so I do a lot of book buying for our library - that means I read a wide range of books - I will try to post clearly which category, age range, etc. each book falls into. I will just list everything I am reading - it may not necessarily mean I would recommend each title but I will try to note that too. I find it is so hard to recommend books to people - I may say it's wonderful - you may feel otherwise - that's the beauty of books - feel free to post that on the comments - I love book discussions and this can turn into that as well!

Enjoy and Keep Reading!!

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