Thursday, April 06, 2017

Once Upon A Time Bible

I was asked to look at this new Bible and Bible storybook for younger readers and I have been pleasantly surprised.  The Once Upon a Time Bible is a great way to show kids "The Bible is not a fairy tale.  Every great story happened once upon a time."  So the editors are showing how the stories are true but it is presented with pictures that show fairytale settings.  I think girls, especially, will love it.  It is printed in the New International Reader's Version and the pictures throughout really make it attractive to our younger readers.

The Once Upon a Time Storybook Bible takes many of the popular Bible stories and begins each with "Once Upon a Time".  They impress upon children in the opening that all of the stories are true but that they are going to begin as all good stories do with "Once Upon a Time."  It's creative and fun - and maybe will open up new avenues to discuss after you read the familiar stories with your little ones.

**I was sent copies for review by the publisher.

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