Monday, November 16, 2015

Ishtar's Odyssey

We have a favorite family tradition in our home - we read Christmas books leading up to Christmas.  We've done it for years, and yes, we have our favorites.  One series that always stuck out to me is the advent series made up of:  Jotham's Journey, Bartholomew's Passage and Tabitha's Travels.  When I saw there was a new book in this series, I almost begged to be included on this book tour!  Ishtar's Odyssey is another in this series by Arnold Ytreeide, that will continue to delight. 

Ishtar is the 10 year old son of a Persian wise man.  This story  is his journey out of his comfort of the palace to see the world and learn from more than just his tutors.  He comes up again disaster and dangers but he learns to rely on a strength he didn't even know he had.  I love it that he meets up with our favorites Jotham, Bartholomew, and Tabitha as he travels with his father and uncles to find the newborn king, Jesus. 

These books are divided up into chapters and are meant to be devotional readings leading up to advent.  If you do not have a family plan for advent - I highly recommend these books - they are historically accurate and pleasing for the whole family.

*I was sent a copy by the publisher for an honest review on my blog.

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