Tuesday, July 03, 2012

The Kitchen House

I LOVED The Help and I thoroughly enjoyed Their Eyes Were Watching God.  I enjoy books set in the slavery era - that just intrigues me and I enjoy reading about that time period.  So when I saw The Kitchen House by Kathleen Grissom, I knew I had to add this to my reading list.  I thought the story was strong although it wasn't always easy to read.  I will never get over how horribly these women were treated - that is very hard to read.  However, the story is powerful.  What I loved about this story is how the author ties in slavery issues but also slavery of another kind - a small girl, Lavinia, orphaned during her passage from Ireland.  She ends up on the plantation and becomes part of the servants' family - a little white girl in a black family.  They don't see the color - they just love each other because they are all they have.  It is just so hard to read how these women have no choices - no options - they are forced to live lives they would never choose for themselves.  I was drawn into Lavinia's story - which also ties into many other slave's lives as well - you see their good choices and you cheer them on.  You see their poor choices and you cringe inside knowing this can not end well.  This was a book that kept me thinking.  It is also a story of deep sadness, secrets, family, and maybe foremost - dignity.  It is WELL worth your time.

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